5 Colors to Add to Your Decor This Fall

When thinking about fall, the main word we think about is comfort. Sitting by the fireplace in a flannel and watching the leaves change with every day. If you are looking to have that same sense of comfort in your decor, look no further. Below we have outlined five of this season’s Chalk Paint® colors that will add ease and style to your pieces!

Antoinette Pink


Though light pink is not the first color in mind when thinking of fall, Antoinette Pink’s soft, rosy glow reminds us of the fading summer and promises a pleasant transition into Autumn. Because Atlanta stays warm until October, this color can stay prominent in your decor for months, and with the addition of metallic accents develope into a beautiful winter piece.

Aubusson Blue

Like the evergreens that never change, Aubusson Blue is sturdy and cold, yet when paired with the other trending Fall colors, relays warmth. Either as the primary or accent color on a piece, Aubusson is the modern twist to any traditional look this season.

Barcelona Orange

As the standard color for Autumn, we expect Barcelona Orange to be everywhere this season! Adding the largest amount of warmth to the fall palette, it is the perfect way to show off your own warm, inviting personality throughout your home.

Napoleonic Blue

As a staple for any season, Napoleonic blue is strong, and can be used to replace black as the go-to neutral. Because of this, it is perfect for year-round pieces. For a unique look, we suggest adding a touch of dark wax.

Paris Grey

Like Napoleonic Blue, Paris Grey is a go-to neutral that we often have requested in our custom painting services.This subtle color can stand out on it’s own as an accent or be a top-to-bottom statement piece.

Whether you love participating in trends, or appreciate them from afar, it is clear these colors will be THE colors of Fall 2017. If you are interested in the colors or transforming your pieces into the trendiest decor of the season, please stop by our store, or request a quote for our painting services today!