Couch Talk with Jayne

Last month we met with our friend, Kassie and reminisced on the creation of her gorgeous “Modern Farmhouse.” Now, we sit with her sister, Jayne, who, though more traditional, found inspiration to modernize a few of her loved pieces.


Let’s see what she had to say about her experience!  

My friends and I wanted to stop by and finally, we did! We had known about Chalk Paint® from our other sister who loves decor projects, but had never personally done anything with it. So, we all decided to take the Chalk Paint® Essentials class with Betsy, and she did an amazing job showing us how to paint our frames using different techniques.

Jayne's frame from her Chalk Paint® class!

Jayne’s frame from her Chalk Paint® Essentials class

Fast forward to my sister, Kassie, had Betsy paint a few items in her home, and inspired me to do the same. Though Kassie thought I could do it myself, I decided to leave it to the professional. We decided to start with our mother’s table; it is at least 65 years-old and needed a revamp. Betsy used Paris Grey, and it absolutely did wonders for my living room (photographed below), and that only lead to more being painted!


Refurbished family table

My husband and I are not ones for change, so much of our decor has not been changed for almost 25 years. But, when you work with Betsy, she comes into your home and knows exactly what can stay the same, and what needs sparkle. One item being our dining room table; Kassie and I had found one at a store down the street, but knew Betsy could do a better job. Secretly, we had Betsy paint the table Duck Egg and the chairs Country Grey, and now, they are my husband’s favorite pieces in our home because, as he says, the colors make people smile!


Refurbished table using Chalk Paint®Upclose of Duck Egg Chalk Paint® on table

Another, and our most complimented item, is our fireplace. I would have never guessed Chalk Paint® could be used like that, but the results were amazing! We suggest a fireplace revamp to anyone looking for subtle change in their home, especially with the weather getting colder!

painted fire place


painted fire place

One of my favorite parts of working with Betsy is the fact that I don’t have to re-do everything at once. I’m able to go at my own pace little by little, and budget which items I want done per month. And, throughout the entire process Betsy gives suggestions and gets to know the person’s personally/lifestyle and works with all budgets.

But no matter your budget, the final piece you receive is priceless.

If you are interested in learning more about Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan or adding custom painted pieces to your home, please visit our store or request a quote today!