Customer Spotlight: Nancy Suh

During our time together, Nancy shared her latest out-of-the-box project she finished using Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan, and you won’t believe what she did!

Let’s see what she had to say!

How did you come in contact with The Bird and the Bee

I met Betsy through a mutual friend, Molly, several years ago.

Describe your project.

I was in need of new upholstery, but the fabric I loved was really expensive so instead of purchasing this fabric, it became my inspiration for this project.  I came up with the great idea to do it myself with Chalk Paint®, and The Bird and the Bee was my next stop.  

What surfaces were painted?

I decided to purchase drop cloths from Home Depot to use as my fabric.  My husband had given me a painting that contained the colors that I wanted to see in my fabrics. This was not my first use of Chalk Paint®I have also painted my dining room chairs and table. My next project is pillows for my sister!

How long did it take you to finish?

It took me about an hour to paint one yard. I found it so therapeutic that it was something I looked forward to doing.

What items from The Bird and The Bee did you use to complete your project?

I purchased my Chalk Paint® and a few brushes for my home!

Tell us the steps you took during this project.  

I purchased canvas drop cloths (25 yards) and ironed them. Then I marked where every yard finished on each side to make sure my lines were straight. Then I mixed my Chalk Paint® and water in a container and finally began drawing lines, pressing firmly then lightening my stroke as it ended.

As you can see from the image, there were moments when I was running low on paint and the paint turned more grey than blue. I would then refill my brush with paint and water and continue painting!

Which paints/colors did you use?

Napoleonic Blue and Graphite, these were the colors in the painting that hangs in my breakfast nook that I wanted to highlight.

What painting techniques did you use?

When creating the streaks I would press down and use a lot of paint and lessen it as the stroke got longer.

Thank you so much for being in The Bird and the Bee’s  Customer Spotlight! Your home is BEAUTIFUL. And your project is A-MAZ-ING.