Our Favorite Spring Colors!

After a long winter, spring has finally arrived! Add a touch of the new season to your home with our selection of colorful Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan! 



Antibes Chalk Paint® By Annie Sloan

Similar to the color of fresh, green grass, Antibes Chalk Paint® is a bright way to express your personality! If you would like to add a rustic aesthetic to the color , use a layer of Dark Wax once the paint is dry.



Napoleonic Blue 

Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint® By Annie Sloan

Revamp your winter blues with this dark but inviting Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint®. If you would like a lighter blue, mix with Louis Blue Chalk Paint® or use Artisans Enhancement's Scumble.  




Antoinette Chalk Paint® By Annie Sloan


If bright colors are not your style. We suggest our calm, subtle Antoinette Chalk Paint®. Because of its soft hue, It can be crackled, topped with Annie Sloan Wax, or mixed with other Chalk Paint® colors to create a variety of looks.



Old Violet

Old Violet Chalk Paint® By Annie Sloan

As the name suggests, this color is an intense blue-lavender that is charming on its own, or has the option of being combined with a bright color for a big pop. Paint the interior or exterior of a desk and store fresh flowers from your garden for an effortless and beautiful spring look! 



English Yellow

English Yellow Chalk Paint® By Annie Sloan


Inspired by hand-painted, Chinese wallpaper, English Yellow Chalk Paint® is a bright color that stands proudly on it's own. Perfect for pieces located in a sun room, or anywhere in need of color! 

Pro-Tip: You can also mix English Yellow with Antibes to create a summer-y, lime green! 


From bright to subtle, Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan gives personality to every season! Shop our selections online or in-store today!