The Benefits of Using Chalk Paint® By Annie Sloan

We may be biased, but we believe Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan is the best paint for all DIY projects! There are so many styles and places one could use it, it’s hard not to love!


Below we have outlined our favorite benefits to using Chalk Paint® in your projects!



  • Prep Work

    If you hate the sanding and priming process of a DIY project then Chalk Paint® is perfect for you! Annie Sloan’s paint requires ZERO prep before use!


    With that being said, having no prep before beginning a project does depend on the condition of your item. If all the areas being painted are smooth with no damage, then it is good to go. We do suggest cleaning your piece with vinegar water or a degreaser to get- as we call it-”the life off”  before getting started. During this process you can check for any areas that need to be repaired. .  


    Drying Time


    Besides a fast prep process, Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan also has a quick drying time! The average time for 2 coats to dry is an hour and a half to two hours (this includes waiting in between for the first coat to dry)!


    If this is your first time using Chalk Paint®, we suggest talking with a Chalk Paint® stockists about the best procedure to make your project as successful as possible! If you are comfortable with picking your own materials, please browse our selection of Annie Sloan products on our website!    


    Items You Can Paint


    Annie Sloan doesn’t say, “Paint everything!” for no reason. The beauty of Chalk Paint® is that it will stick to almost any surface! Just to name a few: outdoor furniture, metal, glass, dishes, plastic, linoleum, ceramic, steel, fabric, walls, finished and unfinished wood, laminate, tile and more! Teak is an exception, so before starting a project,be sure to look at the details of the item to make sure it will adhere to the paint!


    There are so many reasons we could say why we love using Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan. It is versatile and easier to use compared to many of its counterparts. If you have any questions about Chalk Paint® or if it is right for your project, please feel free to stop by our store or contact us!